Senior Living in South Setauket, NY

Perfect balance.

Jefferson’s Ferry Life Plan Community offers the ideal blend of desirable senior living and long-term peace of mind. Access to world-class attractions, but on a comfortably personal scale. An easy, sophisticated elegance in a naturally beautiful setting. And a Life Care contract that locks in long-term security. Get set for an engaging, enjoyable experience that’s aligned with how you prefer to live now.

Independent Living

Let every day be your personal independence day.

What can you expect from independent living at Jefferson’s Ferry? More opportunities to try new things and continue your lifelong passions. More ways to meet people, share interests and stay involved. An easier life, with many essential services and amenities right here on campus, and a team of professionals tending to everyday necessities. Basically, every day will feel like a holiday. Learn more about Independent Living.

Health Services

Best-in-class care, made better with the Life Care option.

Our reputation for high-quality care is impeccable. A 5-Star-rated health center. A seamless continuum of care services available as needed and provided with compassionate professionalism and the utmost attention to detail. And when you choose our Life Care contract option, you’re protecting your assets, creating more predictable monthly expenses, and safeguarding against the continually rising costs of care.