A tradition of giving.

Established in 2006 as a not-for-profit charitable 501(c)(3), the Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation was created to provide giving opportunities that will enhance the lives of the people who live and work in our community. Since its inception, the Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation has focused on providing new technologies to encourage a supportive environment, making building improvements, enhancing services and providing financial assistance in times of unexpected need.

The Foundation works in partnership with Jefferson’s Ferry Board of Directors and staff to promote and raise philanthropic funds. The Foundation promotes benevolence by engaging and enlightening residents, families, staff, volunteer leaders and other interested people and organizations to embrace the power and spirit of philanthropy and to support and honor those who are or were a part of this community.

Donor Events

How to give

Every gift — no matter the size — makes a difference. Options include Resident Assistance, Making Memories, General Fund, Employee Education and Assistance, Health and Wellness Programming and Capital Improvements. We also offer the Celebration of Life Tree and Commemorative Tree that let you honor the memory of loved ones.

The Funds

Your gifts should support your passion! We offer these options for discerning donors. We also welcome an opportunity to discuss your personal priorities, should they not be included in these selections.

The Jefferson’s Ferry Fund is an unrestricted fund. It provides support to the Jefferson’s Ferry Community with maximum flexibility. It provides financial resources directly where they are most needed, when they are most needed.

When residents move to Jefferson’s Ferry they have carefully planned for their future, setting aside the financial resources to sustain them through their lifetimes. Occasionally unexpected things happen. Even the best planning isn’t always a guarantee. Generous donors to the Resident Assistance Fund give support – and peace of mind – to qualified residents who, through no fault of their own, can no longer afford the full cost of needed care and services.

Outdoor spaces are therapeutic. Being outdoors in nature reduces stress levels and makes us feel more relaxed. Time spent outside contributes to reducing depression and anxiety, improves the immune system, and can be a haven of tranquility. Generous donors to the Gardens and Grounds Fund will create the future of the Jefferson’s Ferry landscape while having a lasting impact on the environment, unique ecosystems and quality of life at Jefferson’s Ferry.

Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia diagnoses are stressful and can be overwhelming for patients and families alike. The Jefferson’s Ferry Memory Care Wing will offer programs focusing on capabilities and interests – not limitations and concerns. With our focus on the whole person, each unique individual has the opportunity to enjoy life as fully as possible. The Making Memories Fund will directly support life-enhancing programs, services, and activities such as exercise, massage therapy, intergenerational activities, day trips as well as staff education and related resident services.

Ongoing improvements to the buildings and grounds of the Jefferson’s Ferry campus enhance the lives of our residents. While the majority of these improvements are implemented through the Jefferson’s Ferry budget, gifts to the Capital Improvements Fund support additional possibilities. Gifts help ensure that our distinctive campus retains or exceeds standards for state-of-the-art safety, security, and enjoyment of our residents today and tomorrow.

Occasionally, we will identify special projects or priorities that offer unique opportunities for generous donors. Naming opportunities may accompany these projects. We are glad to review and discuss them with interested donors.

Education is a lifelong pursuit. Staff members who provide excellent care to residents are continually working to learn more, expand their understanding and grow as individuals and professionals. The Employee Education and Assistance Fund provides tuition reimbursement and textbooks to qualified staff members. The fund also provides financial hardship loans to staff in times of dire need.

Wellness is a holistic and active pursuit combining many aspects that strengthen and enhance the mind, body and spirit. Generous donors to the Health and Wellness Fund help support programs which enrich the entire human experience. These programs encompass the primary elements of a healthy lifestyle: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, occupational and environmental well-being.

The Strategic Innovation Fund has the power to improve the present and shape the future. The fund provides financial flexibility and valuable resources. It encourages the Jefferson’s Ferry Community to take advantage of unexpected opportunities, explore options for new services or amenities, and pilot new programs.

Dedicate Your Gift

Honor and Memorial Tributes | Residents are the heart of our community. Honor the life or memory of a loved one and support the work of the Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation with a loving tribute gift. The resident honored or the family member of a resident memorialized will be informed of your generosity, with no mention of the amount of your gift. Family members and friends may honor or remember individuals, couples or family groups through these options:

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Gifts of any size may be made at any time. They may be especially meaningful to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, family milestone or holiday. If you wish, you may direct your gift to one of our funds. Undesignated gifts will be added to the Jefferson’s Ferry Fund.

Requesting charitable donations in lieu of flowers is very common. You can choose to have your loved ones make donations to the Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation on your behalf. You can even choose the fund you would like the donations to be directed to.

When you honor or remember a loved one with a gift of $2,500, you may choose a tree which has been incorporated into our master landscape plan. Each tree will thrive in our climate and includes a brass plaque. We will work with you to customize the text for the plaque. Commemorative Tree gifts support the Jefferson’s Ferry Fund.


NOTE: As Jefferson’s Ferry implements the Campus Master Plan, the number of trees may be limited.

When you honor or remember a loved one with a gift of $1,000, you can leave your mark on Jefferson’s Ferry. Each Commemorative Bench carries your personal message of up to 35 characters and beautifies our community for years to come. Commemorative Bench gifts support the Jefferson’s Ferry Fund.


NOTE: As Jefferson’s Ferry implements the Campus Master Plan, this program will be suspended.

Our Celebration of Life Tree is an installation consisting of memorial and celebratory engraved plaques. When you honor or remember a loved one with a gift of $350, you may select among available plaques which can be engraved with two lines of text, up to thirty (30) characters per line (includes spaces). Celebration of Life Tree gifts support the Jefferson’s Ferry Fund.

Recognition for Generous Donors

Donors whose gifts support the work and mission of Jefferson’s Ferry through the Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation shall be honored and recognized. Recognition shall honor total giving, sequential giving and continuous giving. Contributions to the Staff Holiday Fund are not included in giving totals.

In advance of being added to our Donor Recognition Wall, qualified donors shall receive and must return a permission form stating how they would like their name displayed or if they prefer to remain anonymous. The following are different categories you may enter, based on your annual giving.

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The Leadership Annual Giving Society honors total giving in one calendar year. Donors at the following levels shall have their names included on our Donor Recognition Wall and receive an invitation to the Jefferson Ferry Foundation’s Donor Recognition Dinner Reception. Recognition levels are for total gifts received in one calendar year and are renewable annually:


Associate: $500 – $999

Pioneer: $1,000 – $2,499

Supporter: $2,500 – $4,999

Donors whose cumulative lifetime giving to Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation totals one of the categories below shall become members of the Friends of Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation. Members shall have their names included on our Donor Recognition Wall and receive an invitation to the Friends of Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation VIP Breakfast and Donor Recognition Dinner Reception. New members shall be inducted into the Friends of Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation at the VIP Breakfast and receive a certificate of membership.


President’s Society: Patron, Partner, and Benefactor membership in the President’s Society is renewable on a triennial basis.

Patron: $5,000 – $9,999

Friends of Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation

Partner: $10,000 – $14,999

Benefactor: $15,000 – $24,999


Chair’s Society: Sterling, Emerald, Diamond, Visionary and Legacy membership in the Chair’s Society is awarded on a permanent basis.

Sterling: $25,000 – $49,000

Emerald: $50,000 – $99,999

Diamond: $100,000 – $249,999

Visionary: $250,000 – $499,999

Legacy: $500,000 or more

Members of the Friends of Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation, who continue to give $500 or more annually, shall be Sustaining Friends of Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation. Their continuing participation shall be indicated by a star symbol next to their name on the Donor Recognition Wall.

Donors who notify us that they have included Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation in their estate plans become members of the Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation Heritage Society. Estate gifts include, but are not limited to: bequests, remainder trusts, entrance fee refunds, charitable gift annuities, and paid-up life insurance policies. Members shall have their names included on our Donor Recognition Wall and receive an invitation to the Donor Recognition Dinner Reception and the VIP Breakfast. Donors shall be inducted into the Society at the VIP Breakfast immediately following their qualification as members. Inductees shall receive a certificate of membership. Membership is permanent in accordance with the Foundation’s Donor Recognition Policy unless the member asks to be removed. Participation may be anonymous.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to make a gift to the Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation. Thoughtful donors may choose one or more options which best meet their needs and goals. Always consult with your legal and financial advisors to be sure the gifts you make are in your best interests and help meet the mission and goals of the programs supported by the Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation.

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Giving is as simple as clicking and entering your payment information!


Click the “Donate” button near the top of this page.

If you prefer the convenience of writing a check, please make it payable to Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation.


ATTN: Director of Philanthropy
Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation
One Jefferson Ferry Drive
South Setauket, NY 11720

Contribute directly from your qualified retirement plan with a transfer from your IRA. Contributions count toward your required minimum distribution (RMD). These contributions are made with money on which you never paid tax, so you receive no tax deduction, but they count toward your RMD and the total isn’t included in your adjusted gross income. You must follow the IRS’s rules for these gifts which may also be referred to as qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) or charitable IRA rollovers.

If you have a donor-advised fund to help you manage charitable giving, you can support the Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation by recommending a grant from your donor-advised fund.

Contributions of long-term appreciated securities give you a two-fold income tax benefit: a charitable deduction for the full present fair market value and no tax on the appreciation. Should the securities have a loss, consider selling them first and then donating the proceeds, which allows you to recognize the loss as a deduction.

Contributing your entrance fee refund directly to the Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation is a simple way to benefit the community you call home. For individuals making an entrance fee refund contribution, there may be significant tax planning advantages. There are no out-of-pocket expenses to create the gift.

Simply put, a bequest is a gift made through your will. You may include a bequest when you have a new will prepared or add a codicil to your existing will. Either way, it is a simple method for including Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation in your estate plans.

Charitable gift annuities (CGAs) combine an estate gift to Jefferson’s Ferry and an annuity. Charitable gift annuities may benefit one or two annuitants. Typically, they are spouses or siblings, but may include friends, parents and children or other age-qualified persons. Most CGA donors select immediate income distribution plans. If you prefer, you may defer the income payments for a year or more to better fit your personal income requirements. Part of each CGA payment is a tax-free return of principal, so annuitants receive income which is a combination of taxable and tax-free income, as well as an initial charitable deduction.

A charitable lead trust is an irrevocable trust designed to provide charitable financial support for a fixed time period. At the end of the designated time, the remaining assets are passed to family members or other beneficiaries. A charitable lead trust is often considered to be the inverse of a charitable remainder trust. A charitable lead trust may reduce gift and estate taxes and control the timing of passing assets to your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, or other heirs.

A charitable remainder trust is a planned giving vehicle that allows a donor to place an irrevocable major gift of cash or property into a trust. The trust then pays a fixed amount of income each year for a specified period of time to the donor or the donor’s specified beneficiary after which the remainder of the trust passes to the designated charity.

Create a new life insurance policy or donate a paid-up policy you no longer need. A gift of a life insurance policy does not reduce your income, and you may receive significant income tax reductions. There are several options for making such a gift that may increase your ability to make a significant gift to Jefferson’s Ferry.

Make a gift of real estate to the Jefferson’s Ferry Foundation and enjoy the option of a gift that doesn’t affect your lifestyle. When you contribute appreciated property that you have held longer than one year, you may qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction and avoid paying capital gains tax.

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