Independent Living

With the maintenance-free lifestyle of an independent living community, Jefferson’s Ferry gives you the freedom to be uniquely you. Living in one of our cottages or apartment homes, you’ll find the opportunities, resources, and inspiration to enjoy your retirement exactly the way you want to. Take advantage of all the features in our senior living community or take more time for the hobbies and activities you already love. Cook for yourself or dine with us. Take a class or take off for the weekend. Follow our trails or let your own interests lead you where they may. Jefferson’s Ferry gives you the independence to live the life you love, every day.


By building onto our community, we can give you more ways to live the life you love.

Peace of Mind

Get the care you need, if you need it, at a predictable rate.

Living Options

Our residences are comfortable, refined and maintenance-free.

Limited Platinum Memberships Available

Best pricing and floor plans.
Only 9 spots 2 spots left — don’t miss out!

We are expanding!

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